• COSMO Squarespace Website Template
  • COSMO Squarespace Website Template

COSMO Squarespace Website Template

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COSMO 2.0 is Squarespace 7.1 template for solopreneurs and small business people who want a truly considered and holistic website. It's designed to scale with you - even if you start out only making the homepage live, there's so many more pages you can use when you're ready.

COSMO works just like any other Squarespace site, where *everything* is editable.

✦ Add your content, words, images!
✦ Add your branding: colours, fonts, accents!
✦ Add pages!
✦ Add sections to pages!
✦ Move sections up and down!
✦ Duplicate or delete sections you don't need!
✦ Duplicate pages so you always have a master template!

This is common Whether it's my template or anyone else's, there's no way to 'apply' this to an existing site. There's just too many variables.

Just slot in your branding, copy and imagery into the spots where it makes sense on your new template.

First stop: FAQs page ➸

Second stop: Tap the 'questions' widget in the bottom left corner!

Sahhh Many

Pages Included ↴

I've used a mix of • fluid engine and • classic editor sections so you get the best of both worlds when it comes to • fun and functionality.




Sales Page

Sales Page

Sales Page



Episode Post


Course Landing

Course Landing

Course Module

  • 𓊍 Guided Tutorial

    I'll walk you through the process of editing your site and show you around.

  • 𓆃 Yours in 24hrs

    Or close to it (girl needs her weekends). You'll get an email with a link to access.

  • 𓁻 No lorem ipsum!

    Use my copy as a guide to avoid writing roadblocks.



Instagram Links


eCom Shop





Member Area Landing

Member Area Sidebar

Terms & Conditions


Cosmo 1.0

In The Wild ↴

It's versatile AF and everyone loves it for a good reason. COSMO has been reinvented coaches, copywriters, fashion designers and content creators. You name it. 

Desert Luna Photobooths

Babe Creative



Social Con Cultura

Rosie Chuong

Flower Buds


Bloom Sky Thinking


Matcha Mornings

Matrix Education

Balm Creative Co.

COSMO Gratitude

Don't just take my word for it ↴

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