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🟆 The secret weapon 🟆
for your next Shopify build

Easily create high-ticket website experiences doing more design (fun) and less dev (ick).

Is your 𝓑𝓵𝓲𝓼𝓼 of securing a Shopify client quickly followed by 🄳🅁🄴🄰🄳?


Ugh, do I know that feeling ♡ As an OG web designer of ¹⁰ years, I wanted to 𝓬𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓽𝓮 a theme that would make our job WAY easier and cut down boring ᴬᴺᴰ expensive dev hours.


So, here's MANIFEST (thank me later). Let me tell you more ↴

G'day, Designers:

Dis you?

Love the Shopify $, hate the dev
Outsourcing dev kills your profit
⟶ Your Shopify builds take forever
⟶ You'd prefer to focus on design than code
⟶ You always feel limited by themes
⟶ Picking a theme = missing out on features
⟶ Your clients want wow factor, but that's expenno
⟶ You struggle to get a theme to fit your Figma design

  • Do you find yourself ↴

    ☹ Teaching yourself code to save dev costs
    ☹ Dropping big cash on trustworthy devs
    ☹ Taking big risks with cheap developers
    ☹ Resenting only 10% of the job is designing
    ☹ Buying expensive section plugins
    ☹ Delivering a design you don't want to show off
    ☹ Saying no to Shopify all together (nooo)

  • Hello, Manifest ↴

    A theme designed to help ¹ fast-track your builds, ² reduce dev time and ³ create srsly high-value website experiences for your clients.

  • Ditch picking Shopify Themes ↴

    MANIFEST is designed to replace the need for Shopify marketplace themes.

    ꩜ No more hours spent weighing up which features you value most and which you'll miss out on.

    ꩜ There's soooo much flexibility with each section style, that I truly believe ~most~ layouts are possible. Wild, right?

✓ Jaw-Dropping Design

Never leave the theme customiser if you don't want to. Powerful section options mean there's rarely a need to tip-toe inside the code files.

✓ No-Code "Magic Words"

Just add words to block like "floating" or "rotate" to add animations, "archShape" to add an image shape or "hideMobile" to... you guessed it!

✓ Emerging Trends, Built-In

Picking themes based on just 1 or 2 cool section designs? Nah. I know what people are asking for, so I've made *endless* layouts possible inside the customiser.

I'll be your guide.

I break it down step-by-step for you so there's a clear path to follow each time you build.

Bite-sized tutorials galore:

✓  Visuals of all section designs
✓  Tutorials for each section
✓  Utilising no-code 'magic words'
✓  Ideal image specs
✓  Migrating to Shopify or from 1.0
✓  Adding existing apps
✓  Troubleshooting mobile
✓  Some advanced tutorials in dev-speak
✓  My favourite apps & tools
✓  Basic store setup
☻  Plenty more

The Bespoke Alternative

Custom websites comes with a price tag, we all know that. For MANIFEST, I've put my 10 years of designing website ~experiences~ for people to good use and given you all the fancy pants features people come to me for, out of the box.

There's no themes like this.

Literally, stop looking. Haha. I promise that I've spent years waiting for something like this to appear, but it never happened. So I took it upon myself to make it for ya ♡

Small-Biz Friendly

I will never stop bulldozing the playing field for my small business loves — eCommerce stores are notoriously expenno. By doing most of the fancy coding stuff for you, there's way less need for expensive developer retainers.

Let's run the numbers.

MANIFEST is what happens when:

A Shopify designer of 10 years ↴
Spends 100 hours ↴
and $10k+ on external help ↴
to design a dream theme 🟆♡

However for some context ☻ Let's zoom in on how much just *a handful* of it's features 𝓬𝓸𝓼𝓽 to implement (I got quotes off ⑤ developers ✓)

Keen? 🟆

  • Payment Plan

    2x Payments
    of $2,250

    (BETA saving of $500)

    2 x Client Licenses
    ⋆ 6 x Fancy Custom Sections
    ⋆ Mega Tutorial Dashboard
    ⋆ Priority Support
    ⋆ Brand Copywriting Builder

  • Pay in full

    Single payment of $4,000

    (BETA saving of $1,000)

    3 x Client Licenses
    ⋆ 6 x Fancy Custom Sections
    ⋆ Mega Tutorial Dashboard
    ⋆ Priority Support
    ⋆ Brand Copywriting Builder

Final BETA opens March 1


Closes March 7


Instant Access


I've got your back ♡

I'm Katie, an Aussie web designer of 10 years. I love making drop-dead gorg websites just as much as I do making them accessible for people like you.

After a few years of making Squarespace templates and getting (adorable) feedback from you guys that I'm a great guide, I know that we can tackle the beast of Shopify together!

Making it easy to tackle is key. I ~loathe~ boring tutorial videos, so I've made sure my instructions are always bite-sized and full of Australian slang to keep you on your toes ☻


  • I need multiple licenses

    You'll get 3 licenses if you pay in full, 2 if you opt for the payment plan.

    Most Shopify builds are at least $5k, however I recommend charging more than this given the high value design and development you're offering with the help of this theme ☻

  • I don’t know if I can justify the price

    I offer multiple licenses so that you can get more bang for your buck as a designer.

    The theme has at least $20k of designer and developer hours put into it - I believe this justifies charging more for your builds!

    It's also about making your job a lot faster, which means you can turnaround more clients = earn more.

  • I need my client to sign off, first

    You might have noticed it's notoriously tricky territory showing a client any theme on the Shopify Marketplace and getting them to visualise their brand.

    I believe this step can be skipped, because I've designed this theme so that on the whole, most designs in Figma or XD can likely be created with my super flexible sections.

    There's a huge asterisk here, of course, however when it comes to a lot of the popular design features we're seeing, I've done my best to cater to those.

What's BETA?

Use this text to share information about your brand with your customers. Describe a product. share announcements, or welcome customers to your store.

More questions?

No drama! Just ask me in the widget in the bottom left of your screen ♡

Manifest Shopify Template