About Me

G’day, I’m Katie

Glad you’re here.

I make shit-hot websites (imo) for millennial solopreneurs and startups who want to stand out from everyone else, without having to sell a kidney.

If I can save a few hundred brands from using Squarespace’s Moksha template because they’ve chosen mine, then I’ll be a happy girl.

I’ve been doing this stuff on my many Macbooks for 10 years now, and I’m so chuffed to be able to translate the work of deadset brilliant brands

and people into dreamy websites.

Who knows, maybe I’ll make one for you?

No cookie-cutter websites 𓆚 You're cooler than that ⋱⠔⟡⠑
  • I approach this work holistically.

    The nature of working for startups has meant I’ve been thrown in the deep end learning about everything from marketing, design, copywriting, UX and people’s online behaviour.

    Niching is all the rage, but I’ve found most people get pretty frustrated by having 6 specialists handling different parts of their website. It also gets hella expensive, duh.

  • I pride myself on having a more thoughtful and considered approach to creating websites and the assets around them.

    Your customers are people, seeking a beautiful, clever, easy online experience that hits them right in the feels.

  • In particular, I specialise in working with millennial-owned or targeted websites.

    My background is in fashion eCommerce.

    I’ve managed online stores for many labels over 6 years before going freelance as a consultant and then web designer.

I only work with the best, sorry