My Fav Biz Tools

Most people that come here are solopreneurs like me. These DIY tools have been totally instrumental in my ability to create jaw-dropping designs and manage my biz alone (efficiently).

My Fav Fonts
On Adobe + Creative Market

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Courses I've done

Did I get my ROI for all of these? More than I could have imagined.

Website Stuff

Some for Squarespace, some for Shopify, some for either.

One app + so many cute no-code Squarespace effects: SPARK PLUGIN 🔗→

Can't re-theme yet? Add some new sections: LUNA TEMPLATES 🔗→

One app, endless website plugins: ELFSIGHT 🔗→

Gorg Squarespace layouts + effects: SQUARE REFRESH 🔗→

Scheduling best for coaches, practitioners, etc: ACUITY SCHEDULING 🔗→

Social Proof widgets that work: FOMO 🔗→

Free + paid cut and paste code plugins for Squarespace: GHOST PLUGINS 🔗→

For my Instagram landing page, I use NORBY 🔗→ for total aesthetic control.

Need a chatbot? GORGIAS 🔗→ is very clever.

Cute frames on website images instantly adds wow factor. I use UNFOLD+ 🔗→

Stock imagery that doesn't look like it is. DEATH TO STOCK 🔗→

Shopify dev for medium upgrades: HEY CARSON 🔗→