More than just a Fancy Af Shopify theme

Shopify builds don't have to be such a time, creativity ᴬᴺᴰ cashflow kill*r.

*Manifest Has
entered the Chat*

MANI came to be when...

→ A Shopify designer of 10 years (me, hi)
→ Spends 100 hours
→ and $10k+ on external help
→ to design a dream theme 🟆

Who's Using Manifest?

This here website, for startersRecent launches: Plantas Medicinas, Nimbus Wellness, WithCo Cocktails, Mure & Grand, Pepe Saya Buttery, Billie & Byron, Wildflower Brewing, OKUME Bags.

Count me in →

Done-For-You Dev + Pre-Designed Sections:

So you can DIY ⟶ Add branding and content following easy tutorials (or palm it off to a savvy graphic designer).

  • ¹ Jaw-Dropping

    Never leave the theme customiser if you don't want to. Powerful section options mean there's rarely a need to tip-toe inside the code files.

    I want →

  • ² No-Code
    "Magic Words"

    Just add words to block like "floating" or "rotate" to add animations or "archShape" to add an image shape, etc etc!

    Ugh, Yes →

  • ³ Emerging Trends,

    Picking themes based on just 1 or 2 cool section designs? Nah. I know what people want, so I've made lotsa layouts possible in the customiser.

    Gimme →

Brain like Me??

My tutorials are extensive, not overwhelming.

→ Notion doc organises everything clearly
→ iIn order of priority, so it's easy for you to find stuff
→ Most videos are under 10 minutes
→ I'm not here to waste your precious time with BS ☻

Tutorials that Won't Bore You to tears:

✓  Visuals of all sections
✓  Tutorials for each section
✓  Using no-code 'Magic Words'
✓  Ideal image specs
✓  Migrating to Shopify
✓  Migrating from Shopify 1.0
✓  Re-theming considerations
✓  Adding existing apps
✓  Troubleshooting mobile
✓  Optional: Vids in dev-speak
✓  My favourite apps & tools
✓  Basic store setup
☻  Plenty more

¹ Anxiety Bustin' Support

Always remember, I'm here for you. I've done this lots of times and have a tonne o' knowledge ☻

Someone to ask questions to is something I would have given my left pinky for during all my years of builds - that's why this an integral part of my offer.

² *Actually* Learn

If you've ever bought one of my Squarespace templates, you'll know that I LOVE sending video replies to questions I get.

It just makes sense to share my screen and show you my troubleshooting. This way, you can learn visually and let the knowledge sink in.

³ Made by an OG

So you don't need to fork out big 5 figure sums (cos not everyone is funded or a nepo baby).

⁴ The antidote to overwhelm

A fab base to start from, path to follow and helping hands makes for a chill Shopify experience.

⁵ Go live like, way faster

Who has time for a 6 month build?? Nobody wants that. MANIFEST is all about clever shortcuts.

⁶ Shopify Angels

You get access to my Rolodex of web, graphic and brand designers + developers.



Feels right?
Make it Yours.


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