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DIY Branding Process

DIY Branding Process

Notion Resource File

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A Notion dashboard choc-full of tips and resources to make creating or refreshing your branding fun, fast, inspiring and aligned.

We Cover...

¹ The Feels
² Colour Palette
³ Font Families
⁴ Logos
⁵ Imagery
⁶ Extra Accents
⁷ Copywriting
⁸ Website Considerations
⁹ Social Templates
¹⁰ Hiring Help

[More details below]

Feel This?

✓ I dunno where to begin
✓ I just wanna refresh some elements
✓ I wish I knew more about design
✓ I'm keen to learn how designers do it
✓  I want to build a good brief for a designer
✓ I don't wanna do another f**king course!


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Tell me more!
  • ✿ Free with COSMO Squarespace Template

  • ꩜ and MANIFEST Shopify Theme

To sell website templates and not address this part has never made sense to me. 

Plus, I f__king love this part — it's all centred around vision, beauty, storytelling and connection.

Branding is Step (0) of your website Journey.

  • 1000+ Have Been Helped By This Process Of Mine

    No one knows your biz like you:

    Over 1,000 super cool solopreneurs, freelancers and small biz owners like you have been helped by this process.

    What started as a quick refresher of this offering has turned into a total overhaul — the 5 Step Mini Branding Course is now a Notion resource choc full of tips and tools for branding I've gathered over 10 years.

¹ What's inside??

✓ Download my Canva brand guide template
✓ Watch my intro video before you tuck in
☻ Spoiler alert: this process will be creative but you'll also likely be in your feels

² Colour Palettes

✓ Example palettes ✓ My forumulas ✓ Handy websites ✓ Tips for big palettes, colour-blocking, monochromatic vibes

³ Font Families

✓ Tips for building families with primary, secondary and accent fonts ✓ Premium vs. free fonts ✓ Example combos ✓ Huge list of my favs

⁴ Logos

✓ Wordmarks ✓ Social Marks ✓ Icons ✓ Logo kits I like ✓ Creating logo files

⁵  Imagery

✓ Stock images, videos and mockup websites I love and other avenues for building a bank of imagery. I also detail my collaging tips ☻

⁶ Extra Accents

✓ Adding layers to your foundations with borders, gradients, illustrations, collage elements, etc.

⁷ We'll also touch on...

✓ Copywriting Quiz, resources
✓ Website Considerations Squarespace + Shopify
✓ Hiring Help Peers I recommend
✓ Social Templates Don't start from scratch, that's insane.

My Offerings:

My Offerings:

My Offerings:

¹ Squarespace Template

Designed to scale and WOW Your People ™️. Find me a cuter, more attention-seeking template with as many pages and modern features as this baby???

Take a look →

² Shopify Theme

No more FOMO. I created the antidote to fugly, template-y Shopify themes that ~has it all~. Watch the tour, blow your mind:

Level Up →

³ Daily + Hourly Design

Design magic, created fast. These slots come and go — take advantage while they're there.

Let me work magic →

⁴ Strategy + Support

With solopreneurship comes feels and overwhelm. Lame. I love helping - I'll be your therapist and consultant in one!

Let's Talk It Out →