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Support & Strategy

1 Hour Session

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Biz Therapy is a talk-only offering where we can discuss feels, strategy and ideas to get you re-invigorated, inspired and go LIVE.

How It Works

I'll email you about selecting a time (I'm on Brisbane, Australia time).


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Tell me more!

Biz Therapy

Is this for me?

Nobody really warns you as a solopreneur just how many hats you need to wear, decisions there will be to make and the big ~feels~ you'll have to work through each day.

I've worked with small startups for 15 years now and I've seen a lot of success and failure. I'm also intuitive. This combo of mine has made for some transformative hours spent with people just like you.

My Offerings:

My Offerings:

My Offerings:

¹ Squarespace Template

Designed to scale and WOW Your People ™️. Find me a cuter, more attention-seeking template with as many pages and modern features as this baby???

Take a look →

² Shopify Theme

No more FOMO. I created the antidote to fugly, template-y Shopify themes that ~has it all~. Watch the tour, blow your mind:

Level Up →

³ DIY Your Brand

'Step Zero' of your website design journey. Follow my process to refresh or build your branding assets.

Dreams > Reality →

⁴ Daily + Hourly Design

Design magic, created fast. These slots come and go — take advantage while they're there.

Let me work magic →

⁵ Strategy + Support

With solopreneurship comes feels and overwhelm. Lame. I love helping - I'll be your therapist and consultant in one!

Let's Talk It Out →