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Cute & Easy Squarespace Code Effects

It's said that the fastest way to our millennial hearts is through GIFs and fun stuff. Ok, fine. I made that up (but it's true). Grab attention and delight Your People™️ using my favourite, beginner-friendly code hacks to jazz up your Squarespace website.

First: This Chrome extension will come in handy ✿✿✿✿✿ ↴


① Rotating Elements

So simple, so fun. If you've got a circular image, it's RIPE to give it some spin. 



This code is just an itty bitty teaser of what's possible if you were to invest in their Squarespace Design Course. I'm an alumni and it helped my skills dramatically ♡


② Emoji Cursor

People notice customised cursors straight away. The easiest way to cute-ify it is with a thoughtfully chosen emoji that's on brand for your biz.


PRICE ⟶ US$9/month

Spark Plugin actually gives you a CRAZY amount of mods (100+) built into one simple platform. Think custom icons, buttons, navigation looks, text effects and animations. 


③ Loading GIF

Not all GIFs and animations have to be cute-sy. A loading GIF brings hype and can be as chic as you want - it's all about the image you decide on.



Rache is, without a doubt, the Squarespace coding queen. She knows what people want even if it looks fancy, she makes implementation easy. This is just one of her many plugins (there's some free ones, too) but she offers a like, million more inside her courses.

🆄🅿︎🅳🅰🆃🅴! This code is now only available inside her (incredible) course. Here's an alternative tutorial for you <3 Here's an alternative tutorial for you


④ Animated Banner

If you want something even bolder than a loading GIF, I love this page transition using your brand name.



What started with some cool text animations has landed into a whole suite of plugins to make your Squarespace hella interesting. Special mention to the nicer popout cart designs, too!


⑤ Fun Buttons

To summarise a website incredibly plainly, we want people to read it and press the buttons. So it's no surprise I love to prioritise exciting button design.


PRICE ⟶ Free

When I first started our coding, Ghost was an amazing resource for some quick win cute features I wanted. There are 100's of free code plugins and more special ones for a small ticket. Thank me later ☻


⑥ GIF Mobile Menu Background

Hidden GIFs always make people lose their minds thanks to the element of surprise. When they tap the mobile menu icon, treat them to something fun or pretty like this.


PRICE ⟶ Free


Made something cool? Show me. 

Stuck on something? DM me. 

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Who wrote this? 

Hi, I'm Katie

I make shit-hot websites (imo) for Mill-Z solopreneurs and startups who want to stand out from everyone else, without having to sell a kidney. 

I’ve been doing this stuff on my many Macbooks for 10 years now, so I know some stuff and it gives me a kick to share it. I want you guys to make your biz dreams a reality (...then fill your bank account and enjoy the possibilties).

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