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FEELS is a unique Squarespace 7.1 fluid engine template, for people who want a pretty website that looks a bit different to everyone else's. It's maximalism for minimalist small business owners. It's got lots of pre-made layouts for you to play with and some cool features I've customised with code (that you'll never have to touch or think about!)

  • Longform Home & About
  • Fluid Engine Collaged Layouts
  • Optimised For Bookings
  • Fancy Split Layout Blog
  • OMG + way more

FEELS works just like any other Squarespace site, where *everything* is editable.

✦ Add your content, words, images!
✦ Add your branding: colours, fonts, accents!
✦ Add pages!
✦ Add sections to pages!
✦ Move sections up and down!
✦ Duplicate or delete sections you don't need!
✦ Duplicate pages so you always have a master template!

This is common — whether it's my template or anyone else's, there's no way to 'apply' this to an existing site. There's just too many variables.

Just slot in your branding, copy and imagery into the spots where it makes sense on your new template.

If you want to use the template for one business, just purchase the single website license.

If you want to use it multiple times for your own businesses or you're a web designer, choose unlimited.

Note the unlimited license is per user. This means you can't share it with other people - it can only be used within your enterprise.

☞ Template + assets can't be resold
☞ Don't claim ownership
☞ Use the template as a base for your own template to be resold

This is the agreement you make when you buy it ☻

First stop: FAQs page

Second stop: Tap the 'questions' widget in the bottom left corner!

  • 𓊍 Guided Tutorial

    I'll walk you through the process of editing your site and show you around.

  • 𓆃 Yours in 24hrs

    Or close to it (girl needs her weekends). You'll get an email with a link to access.

  • 𓁻 No lorem ipsum!

    Use my copy as a guide to avoid writing roadblocks.

FAQ yes

Answers to your template questions

In The Wild ↴

Just note that these were made with the older, classic editor version of FEELS (the Fluid version was released Dec '22).

Don't just take my word for it ☟ ☟ ☟