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Designed to Scale

7.1 (Fluid Engine + Classic)

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Way more than 'just a template'. Designed for solopreneurs and small biz people who value authenticity, exciting UX and standing out in a sea of minimalism / boho / normies. Crazy flexible - it's easy to make COSMO look unrecognisable. Level up or start strong. 

Designed Pages

Homepage (10 Sections)
Sales Page (11 Sections)
Course Landing + Module
Podcast Page
Episode Page Template
Instagram Links Page
Unique Blog Layout
Blog Post Template
Services Page
About Page
Bookings Widget Page
Waitlist Signup Page
Shop, Product & Cart Pages
Contact, Terms & Privacy Pages

Cool Features:

Fancy Split Sections
Scrolling Text
Custom Font Setup Guidance
Multi-Font Headings
Glowing Buttons (Optional)
Lotsa Trendy Borders (Optional)
Unique Layouts

Comes With...

Easy Video Tutorials
6 Months Squarespace Trial
20% Off Annual Plan Subscription
Free Domain For 12 months
Pre-Written Copy To Use As A Template
Matching Flodesk Email Template
DIY Branding Process Course
Loving Support From Me


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Tell me more!


The reason I exclusively use Squarespace and Shopify is because I consider them to be, for the most part, un-f*ck-up-able. We're talkin' stable, easy UX, endless support and information around the internet.

Funny, That - Cos these Darlings felt the same as You before they got Cosmo:

Done-For-You Dev + Pre-Designed Sections:

So you can DIY ⟶ Add branding and content following easy tutorials (or palm it off to a savvy graphic designer).

¹ Anxiety Bustin' Support

Always remember, I'm here for you. I've done this lots of times and have a tonne o' knowledge ☻

Someone to ask questions to is something I would have given my left pinky for during all my years of builds - that's why this an integral part of my offer.

² *Actually* Learn

I LOVE sending video replies to questions I get. It just makes sense to share my screen and show you my troubleshooting. This way, you can learn visually and let the knowledge sink in.

³ Made by an OG

So you don't need to fork out big 4-5 figure sums for your own web designer (cos not everyone is funded or a nepo baby).

⁴ The antidote to overwhelm

A fab base to start from, path to follow and helping hands makes for an extra chill Squarespace experience.

⁵ Go live like, way faster

Ummm who has time for a 3 month+ build?? Don't blame ya. COSMO's design is done, you just have to add your own vibes, words, images, magic.

⁶ Built into Squarespace

✓ Beautifully mobile responsive
✓ SEO Optimised
✓ Self-hosted = no 'site down'
✓ Sell digital, physical & service products
✓ Easy 'block' based design
✓ Add, duplicate, save blocks + pages
✓ Simple, clear analytics

⁶ Earn it back??

Make your 'Made by PEARLER' link in the footer earn you affiliate income when people get wowed by your webby.

⁷ Beginner-friendly

There's a reason it's the most popular for service-based biz. Squarespace has 24/7 support plus ~endless~ blog posts, YouTube vids and forum posts so you never get stuck.

⁸ Not-so beginner?

The world is your oyster, baby. Customise it in a day, or sink some hours and totally transform this already amazing foundation I've laid for you. CSS code is easy to learn, especially because I make sure mine is written beautifully.

  • My DIY Branding Process

    ⋆ Valued at US$49 ⋆

    Step 0 of your website journey is making sure your branding assets are created or updated. Learn more 🔗→

  • Matching Flodesk Master Email Template

    ⋆ Valued at US$49 ⋆

    Step 0 of your website journey is making sure your branding assets are created or updated. Learn more 🔗→

Brain like Me??

My tutorials are extensive, not overwhelming.

I'm not here to waste your precious time with BS ☻

Tutorials that Won't Bore You to tears:

✓  Lessons by page + section
✓  Under 10 mins each
✓  Clear + easy Notion file
✓  Ideal image specs
✓  Migrating to Squarespace
✓  Settings + domain guidance
✓  Optimising images
✓  Basic store setup
☻  Plenty more

More Questions?

No drama! Just ask me in the widget in the bottom left of your screen ♡

² Shopify Theme

No more FOMO. I created the antidote to fugly, template-y Shopify themes that ~has it all~. Watch the tour, blow your mind:

Level Up →

³ DIY Your Brand

'Step Zero' of your website design journey. Follow my process to refresh or build your branding assets.

Dreams > Reality →

⁴ Daily + Hourly Design

Design magic, created fast. These slots come and go — take advantage while they're there.

Let me work magic →

⁵ Strategy + Support

With solopreneurship comes feels and overwhelm. Lame. I love helping - I'll be your therapist and consultant in one!

Let's Talk It Out →