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  • Add your branding

    0:00 ⏤ ✿

    The basics of swapping in your fonts, colours, logo and some quick but important CSS notes.

  • Style guide page

    10:29⏤ ✿

    Your template comes with a style guide, which makes it easy to see your elements at a glance.

  • Creating new pages

    13:01 ⏤ ✿

    Your template page is what you’ll duplicate to make all extra pages on your site. Watch how to use it.

  • Links & Nav

    16:28 ⏤ ✿

    Your template utilises HTML anchor links to navigate to different parts of the page from the menu.

  • The Footer

    21:56 ⏤ ✿

    A quickie to understand the different elements inside your footer, including the newsletter widget.

  • Configuring Forms

    24:07 ⏤ ✿

    A simple but important fix that all Squarespace sites need - making sure your emails go somewhere!

  • About Page

    25:58 ⏤ ✿

    Your about page utilises a cool Portfolio layout Squarespace has. It’s pretty straightforward, promise.

  • Blog Page

    29:07 ⏤ ✿

    Your blog page has standard functionality, no surprises. Utilise some post templates I’ve made.

  • Vertical Text

    30:37 ⏤ ✿

    Your sidetext feature is easy to update, but it’s hiding in the Code Injections area…

  • Page Sections: Welcome

    33:25 ⏤ ✿

    A fancy, coded section for your homepage only, here’s how to understand it a little better.

  • Page Sections: Animated Text

    35:04 ⏤ ✿

    A quick instructional on updating the content in the animated text code block section.

  • Page Sections: Gallery

    35:36 ⏤ ✿

    You probably don’t even need a how-to for this, but here it is just in case!

  • Page Sections: Calendar

    39:01 ⏤ ✿

    If you’re offering classes or 1:1 appointments, then you’ll probably want to utilise Acuity 🔗 → or Calendly 🔗 →

  • Page Sections: Video Feature

    40:07 ⏤ ✿

    Full width video features are super appealing and exciting to your visitors, they also happen to be easy to set up. Phew!

  • Page Sections: FAQs

    44:04 ⏤ ✿

    On first glance it looks complicated using Markdown Blocks, but this is Squarespace! Everything is achievable.


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