Re: Manifest for Shopify

It's a meaty page but worth reading, so stop and pour a cuppa <3

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  • ¹ How much will you install?

    Once I get collaborator access to your store or dev store, I will add these for you:

    ⟶ The theme zip file to your site
    ⟶ Required metafields

    ꩜ Like any other premium theme you buy, it looks a bit weird when it's first added!

    ꩜ By following my video tutorials to style each section, add your content to pages and products, it comes to life ☻

    ꩜ I have a tutorial for navigating apps + re-theming.

  • ² Will there be guides?

    Plenty of bite-sized ones! Some of the important ones:

    ✓  Customising each section type
    ✓  Visuals of all section layouts
    ✓  Visuals for all 'Magic Words'
    ✓  Ideal image specs
    ✓  Migrating to Shopify
    ✓  Moving from a Shopify 1.0 theme
    ✓  Videos 'developer speak'
    ✓  DIY branding mini course
    ✓  Way more, it’s comprehensive

    ꩜ They'll all be in a Notion document [🔗] and laid out in the ideal order to complete it in.

  • ³ How much will me or my team have to do to get it live?

    It depends on a few things, including your skill set. I've purposely made the tutorial videos short and sweet.

    ꩜ If you have a lot of pages and a lot of products, then of course you're just going to have a lot more sections to configure.

    ꩜ On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a totally new brand with one product and just your typical about, contact and FAQs pages, then it's going to be a lot faster.

    ꩜ If you have the support of a VA, developer or designer, then it's going to be faster than flying solo.

    ꩜ Don't give yourself a silly deadline. The reality of selling online is that there's just more pages and detail we're expected to provide. This stretches our launch times ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • ⁴ How will I know the time frame that you’ll have it installed by?

    Allow 48hrs or so on weekdays.

    Note my time zone is Sydney, Australia.

    You'll get an automated email letting you know about providing PEARLER collaborator access to your store or development store.

  • ⁵ Do I need a developer?

    I've designed MANIFEST so as little dev intervention as possible is needed. If you work within my layouts, this is especially true.

    That being, said, if you don't have CSS ~skillz~ it's good to have one up your sleeve in Shopify World ☻

    Most people who have a Shopify store hit a point where they want a feature that requires some sorta code intervention.

    ꩜ With love: If you're not familiar with code, back away from those files! Promise? OK.

    ꩜ Regardless of the theme you choose, the most likely area you'll need developer help is if you have apps that need to be integrated.

    To make these look seamless usually requires a little code tweaking. Often app support agents will provide this for free.

    ꩜ I have a list of 'Shopify Angels' who are all familiar with MANIFEST codes in case you need some help on hourly.

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  • ⁶ What if I want more licences?

    Amazing - you'll always get $500 off in future.

    When you purchases 3 licences at a time, you'll get 25% off and when you go for 5 licences, you'll get 50% off!

  • ⁷ How can I pay?

    You can pay using most credit cards and part pay in 3 instalments if you need.

    The instalments are 10% more in price and are due monthly.

  • ⁸ Can I get a refund?

    Not possible!

    Due to the duplicatable nature of digital products - in particular, the supporting resources and theme file - I can't offer refunds I'm afraid.

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  • ⁹ What’s included in support?

    Support you guys is my highest priority!

    Where relevant, you'll get video screenshares to show where and how I've troubleshooted things so you learn along the way.

    Admittedly, though, knowing who to direct your questions to when it comes to Shopify can get a little confusing.

    ꩜ Anything to do with section designs and the way your images, fonts, buttons, words etc render on the front end of your site should be directed to me.

    ꩜ When it comes to Shopify back end features i.e. your sales channels, settings, etc - it's best to reach out to their 24/7 support chat.

    ꩜ For apps, reach out to their chat widgets inside the app.

    ꩜ If you or someone in your team makes an error in the code somewhere, there's no guarantees we can fix it without some data loss. If this happens, the hourly rate is AU$200 to rectify.

    ꩜ The cheapest and stress-free option is to tread carefully and don't give anyone access to your Shopify site who isn't reputable or recommended highly.

  • ¹¹ Did you make this theme from scratch?

    MANIFEST is based off Shopify’s (free) Dawn theme.

    Think of it as the modern, best-practice, ultra-efficient engine and the PEARLER design customisation on top of it like the fancy, Ferrari exterior.

    ꩜ For Shopify designer-developers like me, Dawn is encouraged to be use as the basis of our designs.

    ꩜ If you’ve tried the theme before, it probably looks super boring. However in the right hands and the aesthetic-techhy skills, it’s actually the perfect blank slate to have some fun with.