Re: Manifest for Shopify

It's a meaty page but all worth reading, so stop and pour a cuppa <3

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  • ¹ How much will you install?

    I will add these for you:

    ⟶ The theme zip file to your site
    ⟶ Your colour pallette
    ⟶ Your custom fonts (up to 3)
    ⟶ Borders (if you want them)
    ⟶ Style your buttons
    ⟶ Optional hover effects
    ⟶ Add metafields

    ꩜ Like any other premium theme you buy, it looks a bit weird when it's first added!

    ꩜ There's SO many variables when re-theming a Shopify store, it's just not possible to 'apply' it to your existing design in one hit.

    ꩜ By following my video tutorials to style each section, add your content to pages and products, it comes to life ☻

    ꩜ You may need developer help if you have a lot of apps that you need to be integrated into your new theme.

  • ² Will there be guides?

    Plenty of bite-sized ones! Some of the important ones:

    ✓  Customising each section type
    ✓  Visuals of all section options to help you plan
    ✓  Visuals for all 'class hacks' i.e. image shapes
    ✓  Ideal image specs
    ✓  Migrating to Shopify
    ✓  Moving from a Shopify 1.0 theme
    ✓  DIY branding 
    ✓  Videos for your developer in tech-speak
    ✓  Way more, it’s comprehensive

    ꩜ They'll all be in a Notion document and laid out in the ideal order to complete it in.

  • ³ How much will me or my team have to do to get it live?

    It depends how comprehensive your website is and how much help you have, honestly!

    ꩜ If you have a lot of pages and a lot of products, then of course you're just going to have a lot more sections to configure.

    ꩜ On the other end of the spectrum, if you have a totally new brand with one product and your typicaly about, contact and FAQs pages, then it's going to be a lot faster.

    ꩜ If you have the support of a VA, developer or designer, then it's going to be faster than flying soloe.

    ꩜ Don't give yourself a silly deadline. The reality of selling online is that there's just more pages and detail we're expected to provide. This just stretches our launch times ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • ⁴ How will I know the time frame that you’ll have it installed by?

    Basically, it will be installed by the end of the month you've chosen.

    I'll be in touch on email a few days before you're in the queue to make sure:

    ❶ You've given me collaborator access to your site
    ❷ You've filled out your branding quiz
    ❸ If you have a payment plan, that that final payment is sorted

  • ⁵ Do I need a developer?

    It's good to have one up your sleeve in Shopify World ☻

    Most people who have a Shopify store hit a point where they want a feature that requires some code intervention.

    ꩜ With love: If you're not familiar with code, back away from those files! Promise? OK.

    ꩜ The most likely area you'll need developer help is if you have apps that need to be integrated. To make these look seamless usually requires a little code tweaking. Often app support agents will provide this for free.

    ꩜ If you'd like someone from my team to help you on an hourly or project rate, I can hook you up. Just message me.

    ꩜ I also love HeyCarson 🔗⟶ as they're pretty trusty and do a lot of stuff that's commonly asked for!

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  • ⁶ How long will it be at this price? 

    Until around March 1st

    When it launches in April, it'll likely be around AU$1,000 more, however this is subject to change.

  • ⁷ How can I pay?

    You can pay using most credit cards.

    Note that if Afterpay is showing at the checkout, it'll likely decline as their limit is AU$2,000 and only available for Australian cards.

  • ⁸ Is it possible to part-pay?

    Maybe! Just shoot me an email.

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  • ¹⁰ What does ‘BETA’ mean?

    You're getting access to this before the public for a lower price and under the knowledge that there may be imperfections to iron out as it's trialled on all different sorts of Shopify stores.

    ꩜ It's important you let me know about any weirdness so I can fix it up for you and then pass that onto anyone else who has the template.

    ꩜ You'll get priority support because of this, too.

  • ⁹ What’s included in support?

    BETA support is my highest priority!

    Admittedly, though, knowing who to direct your questions to when it comes to Shopify can get a little confusing.

    ꩜ Anything to do with section designs and the way your images, fonts, buttons, words etc render on the front end of your site should be directed to me.

    ꩜ When it comes to Shopify back end features i.e. your sales channels, settings, etc - it's best to reach out to their 24/7 support chat.

    ꩜ For apps, reach out to their chat widgets inside the app.

    ꩜ If you or someone in your team makes an error in the code somewhere, there's no guarantees we can fix it without some data loss. If this happens, the hourly rate is AU$200 to rectify.

    ꩜ The cheapest and stress-free option is to tread carefully and don't give anyone access to your Shopify site who isn't reputable or recommended highly.

  • ¹¹ Did you make this theme from scratch?

    MANIFEST is based off Shopify’s (free) Dawn theme.

    Think of it as the modern, best-practice, ultra-efficient engine and the PEARLER design customisation on top of it like the fancy, Ferrari exterior.

    ꩜ For Shopify designer-developers like me, Dawn is encouraged to be use as the basis of our designs.

    ꩜ If you’ve tried the theme before, it probably looks super boring. However in the right hands and the aesthetic-techhy skills, it’s actually the perfect blank slate to have some fun with.