FAQ (Yes)

Re: Website in a week

How does it work?

❶ Pick your month

I'm only one person, so my time is limited. Booking ahead is where it's at - usually when I open spots, they're filled within a fortnight.

Once you book, I’ll send over a collaborative Notion (or Google Doc, if you prefer) and we’ll keep our conversations organised in there so we have no messy email chains.

From there you’ll book our prep calls and start working on the to-do’s I set you and some quizzes.

❷ Pre-Week Prep & Call

In that, we’ll discuss a game plan and what I need from you before your big day. Prep is the key us both getting the most out of it!

Usually by the time these calls roll around, you’ll have pulled together a Pinterest board, completed your quizzes, etc. We’ll go through everything and come up with ideas together.

❸ The Big Week

You and I will be in touch on SMS and start working through everything. You don’t need to be glued to your computer on Zoom or anything, don’t worry.

Once the week is done, I’m available for support questions up to 30 days after.

  • Why do it this way?

    I’ve been doing this long enough, that I work faster than most.

    When we both take out the distractions and back/forth emails, we can get things done with the turnaround we both want. Satisfying af!

  • I’m overseas, can I still book you?

    Yeah totally, most of my clients are in the Northern Hemisphere. We get clear on each other’s availability and times we’ll both be online for stuff that suits real-time “yes” and “no” answers.

    Work is done incrementally over the week, which reduces any need for major revisions.

  • I already have branding!

    BYO branding is cool, but if you don’t have everything decided and need my help, allow extra.

  • Shopify themes

    It's BYO premium theme from the Shopify marketplace. I have a few favourites I can guide you re: the pro's and con's depending on your design and functionality goals.

  • How long are you mine?

    Basically a week. After that, you have email support for 30 days, within reason.

  • Can I book you more than a week?

    Totally. Some things might need more time, but I’ll be upfront about that based on what you come to me wanting done.

  • Flat fee asterisk *

    If you have a heaps of pages, products or less run-of-the-mill features you’re wanting, allow extra.


If you need to cancel your project after completing the contract and payment, you will receive a 50% refund if you provide at least 21 days notice. If cancellation notice is given less than 21 days before our scheduled date, the payment is non-refundable.

Please note that if you need to reschedule your project date, you are free to do so at no charge within a 21 day period. After the 21 day period expires, you will be charged a AU$500 rescheduling fee to book a new project date.

Re-booking is subject to my availability, that’s all.