FAQ (Yes)

Re: Squarespace Templates

  • How long til I get my new site?

    Within 24 hours on business days, which is Monday - Friday 10am til 3pm AEST Sydney time. You’ll get an email from me and an email from Squarespace.

  • Do I need to know how to code?

    Nope! I’ve done all that for you. My templates use a lot of CSS to make the design extra fun and pretty.

    It’s up to you if you feel confident enough to tinker with it, I just ask that you copy and paste my original code and keep it somewhere safe. If you do a big stuff up, I can fix it on my hourly ➸

  • I need help with Squarespace!

    My tutorials don’t cover how to use Squarespace as a whole. There’s a bazillion tutorials online to learn it! If you’re totally new to it, head straight to their YouTube page and binge 1 hour of tutorials. 

How much can I edit it?

My templates work just like any other Squarespace site, where *everything* is editable.

✦ Add your content, words, images!
✦ Add your branding: colours, fonts, accents!
✦ Add pages!
✦ Add sections to pages!
✦ Move sections up and down!
✦ Duplicate or delete sections you don't need!
✦ Duplicate pages so you always have a master template!

  • What subscription will I need?

    All of my templates utilise Javascript (code injection), so you’ll need a Business plan — personal plans mean the site design won’t load properly.

  • I already have a Squarespace!

    This is common — whether it's my template or anyone else's, there's no way to 'apply' this to an existing site. There's just too many variables. Just slot in your branding, copy and imagery into the spots where it makes sense on your new template. 

  • I’ve already paid for an annual subscription

    That’s cool. When you’ve finished editing your template and you’re ready to go live:

    Reach out to Squarespace support ➸ ② Let them know you no longer need your current subscription ③ You’ve purchased a new annual subscription ④ You’d like a pro-rated refund.

Why SQS?

Working with tiny businesses over the years, it’s shown me how necessary it is to build websites on really stable and easy to use platforms.

Neither of us wants a website where we need constant support. It makes no sense financially and it’s a pain in the ass. 

For most issues you may run into, 20 answers are one Google search away. Squarespace Forum is an incredible tool to get fast and free answers from Squarespace experts!

ALSO: Designs are beautiful on mobile, has built-in SEO, new features all the time, it’s ahead of the curve design-wise and has lots of built in features to make sure your colours and typography appear consistent!

  • Where are the tutorials?

    If you’ve already bought a template, they’re in your left sidebar below all your pages. Tap on it, open it into preview mode and click the button!

  • Can I see the tutorial?

    Haven’t bought it yet? Email me and I’ll send you a link to watch it before you purchase (and you’ll see how easy it is).

  • Can you add my content?

    Unfortunately not, I'm a one-gal show - designing templates and supporting you guys takes up a lot of my time.

    Email me and I can recommend some designers who'll be happy to do this for you.

  • Can you do custom coding?

    Same deal! I know plenty of people who can. Just hit me up.

  • Can I duplicate my template?

    This template comes with a one-time use license, which basically means it can only be used once per personal or commercial project. 

    Copying the template, sharing it with others or making new Squarespace websites using the template or code isn’t allowed.

  • If you need to install the template more than once, a new license needs to be purchased for that site. Reselling the template design, any of its components or claiming the design as your own is not allowed.

  • What are your refund and return policies?

  • How are orders delivered?

    An invite to your template will arrive in the inbox of the email address you checked out with.

  • I still have questions! How can I contact you?

    Reach out to Katie via the contact page or talk@pearler.work