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Helping peoples biz dreams come true is my high of choice!

Consulting has been baked into my services for 10 years now. Now that I'm not offering 1:1 services, this is a chance to book me on hourly to talk all things startup — the plans, the functionality, the feels.

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  • ¹ Coaching...but not

    I’m always in the mood for chats and I have a lot of advice to offer.

    Getting therapy is one of my favourite things in the world (is my INFP personality type showing??) so offering it on a topic I could talk about underwater — small biz life — just make sense to me.

  • ² We can talk about...

    We can talk about anything from

    ⋆ Next steps for your template design
    ⋆ Branding ⋆ Passive income
    ⋆ Stepping up your eCom functionality
    ⋆ Hell, even balancing your masculine and feminine energies as a solopreneur.

    Even if you don’t know what to talk about and feel stuck, then I’ll prompt you.

  • ³ Nitty Gritty

    I'm in Sydney, Australia. If the times listed don't work for you, reach out via the 'Questions' widget in the bottom left of the screen.

    Just note this isn't my hourly design and troubleshooting service — it's all talk and advice.

    This is a no commitment thing. You wont ever need to buy a 10 pack, just ask me for an hour at a time and I’ll give it.

  • Biz Therapy

Biz Therapy

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